Julianna Hinckley

"Taminah" - Book 1 of the "Daughters of the Steppes" Series

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Author Biography

Julianna was born and raised in the deep Southern US - Huntsville, Alabama, to be exact. She grew up in the shadow of the rocket tests for the Gemini, Apollo, and space shuttle engines, and has had a fondness for all things space-related ever since.

Growing up, she developed interest in horses, history, and the various cultures and religious beliefs - past and present - of the world's peoples. Travel has only cemented the latter interests, so she was instantly smitten when introduced to the early cultural melting pot represented by the Black Sea and surrounds during the sixth through first century BCE.

She developed the basic story line for her Daughters of the Steppes series about seven years ago, and began working seriously on Taminah at that time. Finishing Taminah in the spring of 2015, she's written one short story and one novella associated with the series, and is a third of the way through drafting Book 2 - Arshan.

Julianna resides in South Seattle in a little house overlooking Lake Washington with her husband, brother, and beloved 100 lb black lab, Titan. In her limited spare time, she enjoys reading, book collecting, international travel, and the occasional bit of gardening.

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